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Real – Time Monitoring of Your Digital Enclosures With dpEMS

dpEMS is a highly advanced electronic monitoring solution. It provides you with real-time information about the performance of your digital assets while continuously monitoring them using a variety of sensors.

We created this cutting-edge tool to ensure that various types of electronic enclosures are monitored, maintained, and managed in the best possible way. These enclosures could include digital billboards, interactive kiosks, or any other kind of mission-critical digital assets.

You can integrate our dpEMS sensor inside your digital enclosure with other sensors. This smart tool will upload essential data about your enclosure to the dpEMS cloud, which you can access to locate your enclosure’s live status and history data.

The dpEMS has a sophisticated temperature control algorithm which reads up to 3 environmental sensors inside the controller. Using this data, the DPEMS controls the fan speeds and screen brightness to ensure optimal operating temperature, even in the most extreme cases of the screens being exposed to direct sunlight.

As the dpEMS gives you complete visibility into the health of your enclosures, you can proactively plan maintenance to save costly and unnecessary on-site callouts.
Integration with the DPEMS also provides an extra layer of monitoring and failsafe, with the following additional features:

  • Ability to detect if the display is no longer operating correctly and automatically shutting down and restart the screen and/or third-party media player, ensuring minimal downtime for the displays.
  • Ability to detect if the internet connection fails and automatically reboots the modem.
  • Unauthorized access detection which will blank the screen and report an alert to the portal.
  • Proximity sensor, which reports an alert to the portal that something is physically blocking the screen.
  • Decorative LED control. The DPEMS can control LEDs integrated with the enclosure that are used for attraction and user engagement.
  • The portal can intelligently and automatically resolve of common issues to minimize screen downtime.

This high-tech gadget improves the uptime of your digital enclosures, allowing you to maximise their impact and earn more revenue.

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