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Innovative LED Smart Goal Post Solution

At Design to Production, sometimes we like to push the boundaries of what is possible, and recently we were engaged by Crossbar Promotions to produce the state-of-the art LED smart goal posts for the State of Origin games. The Design to Production team has created a bespoke smart goal post solution with innovative LED programmability.

This product has cemented D2P’s position as a company that not only helps to support businesses with more common digital display and signage products but also catering for sporting events and special occasions which often involve unique sets of problems and problems that have just not been solved before! The technology of the LED Smart Goal Post has the potential to be spun off into numerous other products which may have the opportunity to be commercialised for the mass market. Our team is not scared to tackle difficult projects where the pressure is on; we relish these opportunities.

This is just the beginning for our Design to Production team in tackling the sports market, we look forward to joining our existing and new partners in tackling these unique projects.. Our team can work with different stakeholders which might include various agencies and sporting governing bodies to help get your project over the try line. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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