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ATM Enclosures

Design to Production was chosen to design detail and re-engineer the Westpac ATM enclosure along with twelve other variations to suit all ATM models, in both freestanding and in-wall configurations. FJ Precision was awarded the contract to supply the redesigned ATM enclosures and chose Design to Production to document the designs suitable for mass production.

Design to Production met very strict timelines to produce manufacturing drawings for all models, assisted with project management and was there to oversee the final assembly.

One of the major challenges was meeting stringent OH&S requirements for the installers, cash handling and maintenance crews. Design to Production worked closely with Westpac management, installation contractors and the fabrication team to meet all parties’ exacting standards. Another challenge was the integration of the many communications and security hardware items into a very confined space.

Some of the features implemented by Design to Production were the gas-assisted doors, concealed litter bins, illuminated signage and the integration of media engines and digital displays.

The unit shown below are in-wall enclosures and can be seen on the exterior of Westpac branches around Australia, and across the Pacific region.

After completing the documentation for manufacturing, Design to Production were asked to develop future versions that explored unique design directions. These concepts were created with a greater understanding of Westpac needs and insightful knowledge of the fabricators and installers limitations.

Westpac ATMs initially designed, conceived and prototyped by Landini Associates