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Wayfinder & Check-in Kiosks

Finding your way around a hospital is difficult at the best of times. So, when SA Health embarked on the largest building project in South Australia’s history in creating the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), Design to Production was enlisted to supply a suite of interactive kiosks for wayfinding and patient check-in.

Working with Snepo, ServicePoint and ID Lab, 15 wheelchair-friendly interactive wayfinding kiosks were deployed throughout the hospital site. Visitors can either scan their barcoded appointment letter or search for a destination.

Simple animated directions are then displayed to send visitors on their way, with print-outs available to provide personalised directions with a suggested route.

Using the check-in kiosks, patients can register their attendance by scanning the barcode on the appointment letter or swiping their Medicare or Department of Veteran Affairs Card.

The check-in kiosk then prints a numbered ticket with the patient’s appointment time along with other relevant information. Patients can then have their appointment details sent to them via SMS and receive an alert when their appointment is ready.