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Excite Enclosures

Looking for innovative ways to deliver its campaign, oOh! approached Design to Production to customise its existing enclosures.

The Excite was conceived by adding a through-glass touch sensor and camera to improve customer engagement through interactivity.

An example of how the Excite has been deployed can be seen in the Optus – Usain Bolt campaign. In this campaign, potential customers are attracted to interact through strong call-to-action messaging whereby the customer is then enticed to visit a store located in close vicinity to claim a prize.

Design to Production has also integrated contactless payment into Excite units to facilitate donations for the Walking Wounded campaign, which offers assistance in the psychological rehabilitation and recovery of returned Australian service personal who are experiencing hardships after their time in service.

Integration of gameplay to drive engagement is also a popular use of the Excite units, particularly in promoting feature films such as The Hunger Games, Boss Baby and Kung Fu Panda.