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Work in Progress

Work in Progress is often an inevitable part of the manufacturing process. At Design to Production we try to minimise or eliminate work in progress as much as possible. Through our experience and rock solid planning process, we try to calculate and optimise our manufacturing machine centres to minimise the build up of work in progress which can clog production and cause over-processing of products which can increase costs.

By focusing on 1 project at a time as much as possible it ensures that products leave our factory more quickly whilst reducing our storage overheads.

We are all about lean manufacturing at Design to Production. If there are opportunities to reduce waste which can include over processing, excess material usage, unnecessary transportation, excess inventory and reducing defects, we will aim to improve every step of the way.

By having a lean philosophy which is aided by quality planning systems, we reduce stress for everyone and reduce costs which are passed on our clients.

By adopting a lean philosophy and utilising effective quality planning systems, we minimise stress and lower costs, benefits that we pass on to our clients.

Through our many years of design and manufacturing being under one roof we have greatly reduced our waste and have refined and competitive systems.

We can control the entire process from beginning to end and we can effectively monitor production progress, adjust models in real time, and even manage unforeseen changes and risks as effectively as possible. We strive to be at the cutting edge of both our systems and our digital signage solutions.

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