Outdoor Wayfinder

The Outdoor Wayfinder is the culmination of over 20 years of combined experience in producing world-class digital enclosures.

At the heart of the Outdoor Wayfinder is our intuitive wayfinding software that displays optimised routes from any start point to every available destination. The software is simple to setup and administer, turning your static maps into a fully manageable, interactive 3D map.

Featuring a 49-inch touch-enabled front display and a maximum 75-inch rear display, both displays feature high-brightness, high-temperature LCD panels capable of withstanding temperatures up to 110˚C (230°F) without blackening – vital for direct sunlight applications.

Key features

  • IP-rated, thermally insulated and corrosion resistant chassis.
  • 6mm toughened through-glass touchscreen technology.
  • Anti-reflective, vandal-resistant rear glass door.
  • Top illuminated information signage.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Customisable screensaver.
  • Interactive wayfinding.
  • Flexible administration.
  • User-triggered events logged via Google Analytics.

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