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Design to Production is proud to introduce the DPEMS, a world-class electronic monitoring system for digital enclosures. Together with a companion mobile app, DPEMS is an indispensable tool for installing, monitoring, maintaining and managing electronic enclosures such as digital advertising displays, interactive kiosks and other mission-critical digital enclosures.

Installed inside your enclosures, the DPEMS units upload their data to the DPEMS cloud where you can view both the live status and historical data of your enclosures.

By giving you full visibility on the status of each of your digital enclosures, DPEMS reduces the need for unnecessary and expensive onsite callouts. And because DPEMS sends you alerts for any potential issues, it allows you to maximise the uptime (and revenue generation) of your fleet of digital enclosures.

Key Features

  • Enclosure temperature monitoring.
  • Automatically regulates enclosure fan speed.
  • Live reporting and real-time access control.
  • Pre-determined alerts via email and/or SMS.

Key Features - App

  • Step-by-step installation procedures.
  • Asset logging and identification.
  • Remote door unlocking.
  • Step-by-step maintenance procedures.

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