Blade 2.0

The Blade 2.0 is Design to Production’s vision for Digital Out of Home advertising. Configurable as a single- or double-sided unit, the ultra slim 55-inch HD display, a hallmark of our Blade, remains. New to the Blade 2.0 are customisable inlay panels that are available in a range of materials and finishes to complement its surroundings.

Also unique to the Blade 2.0 are LED side illumination strips which, when coupled to our proprietary dpEMS, allows remote colour adjustment over individual or groups of Blade 2.0’s – ideal for special promotions and marketing campaigns. The versatility of the Blade 2.0 makes it ideal for:

  • Advertising in retail, showrooms and tradeshows.
  • Interactive wayfinding in large venues such as shopping malls.
  • Digital directory in building and lift foyers.
  • Interactive kiosk in retail applications.
  • Digital display in lobbies, cafes, universities, hotels and clubs.

Key features

  • Black or white powder coated, corrosion resistant chassis.
  • Optional finishes include custom colours and stainless steel.
  • 55-inch double-sided slimline HD display (1920×1080).
  • Anti-glare, low iron, toughened glass panels (front and rear).
  • TruPulse Harmonic 10W audio speaker.
  • DPEMS remote electronic monitoring system.

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