Next Gen External Display

Design to Production have begun to rollout our next generation of high-bright outdoor enclosures, with our friends at Shopper the first to partner with us on this journey. We have recently commissioned over 130 units nation wide. Configurable as a single or double-sided unit, these outdoor enclosures feature 55-inch high-brightness LCD screens that delivers maximum cut through in bright sunshine. But a high-brightness screen is just half the story.

To minimise reflections, we’ve partnered with Schott to source premium anti-reflective glass from Europe which are then laminated to our specifications. Combined with a bespoke, filtered ventilation system it allows the screens and all hardware inside to stay cool even while exposed to the harsh Australian summer.

At the heart of these units is our Gen3 dpEMS system that continuously monitors and reports on the health of each unit via our dpEMS portal. From there, our support team oversees the status of all units – from planning scheduled maintenance to responding to any potential issues that may arise.

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