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Interactive kiosks

Interactive Kiosks Australia

Design to Production offers a range of cutting-edge kiosk solutions to help our clients serve their customers better. Our range of interactive Kiosks Australia is designed to deliver peak performance and boost customer engagement. Each of our interactive kiosk products come with various powerful features to help you maximise your advertising potential.

The combination of our experienced industrial designers and our state-of-the-art production capabilities create innovative products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Kiosks and other digital signage offerings designed by us are relied upon by numerous reputed global-level companies. They can be utilised for advertising for trade shows, retail locations, showrooms and shopping malls. Created to deliver peak performance at all times, our products also feature elegant finishes that sit well in any environment.


Touch Screen Kiosks

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance HD touch screen kiosks Australia. Our touch screen kiosks come with a host of sophisticated features such as toughened through-glass technology, thermal insulation, custom screen saver, full HD slimline displays, and more. Businesses can use our touch screen kiosks for delivering engaging and hassle-free experiences to their customers. Some other standout features our customers can expect include administration flexibility, interactive wayfinding, Google Analytics-based event logging and clutter-free user interfaces.

Take your advertising and customer engagement to the next level with our interactive touch screen kiosks. You can instantly utilise them for creating awareness about any new products and services. Kiosks can boost your conversion rates radically and are one of the most cost- effective marketing methods today. Our state-of-the-art kiosks are also ideal options for offering out-of-hours support and function as information hubs at shopping malls, outdoor events, trade shows and events.

A digital touch screen kiosk is currently one of the most impactful modern advertising and customer conversion tools.


Enhance your Business Outcomes with our Interactive Kiosks

As leading manufacturers of interactive kiosks in Australia, we ensure that our products are intuitive and easy-to-use. Interactive features and attractive displays of our kiosk models can be just what you need to meet rising customer demands. We provide touch screen kiosks that can be used by institutions and businesses across a range of industry sectors. Our kiosks are versatile devices with sturdy construction and feature the latest interactive technological innovations. We are always in the process of incorporating the latest developments into our interactive kiosks to fine-tune features and add new ones.

  • Digital kiosks can breathe life into your video advertising efforts and help to instantly grab customer eyeballs in any indoor or outdoor space.
  • Kiosks can be used for helping existing and potential customers to learn about your products and services. They are powerful conversion tools at retail locations.
  • Educational and government organisations can also utilise our interactive touch screen kiosks as tools for displaying information or providing assistance.
  • Our kiosks can be used as digital displays, way finders, and digital directories.
  • Interactive kiosks designed by us come with a sleek and professional appearance with HD displays and corrosion-resistant housing.
  • We provide our customers with the option of selecting custom colours and finish types to help you power up marketing efforts.
  • Our interactive touch screen kiosks feature toughened anti-glare glass to help improve your marketing potential and reduce maintenance hassles.


We go beyond offering our customers suitable digital interactive kiosk products. Our services encompass

Designing – We create cutting-edge and highly functional interactive kiosks and are reliant on a robust procurement process that ensures the maintenance of quality standards. It helps us preserve our reputation as a trusted supplier of touch screen kiosks Australia.

Assembly – We take full control of the interactive kiosk installation process to make sure that they are optimally set up and functioning as required. Our experts ensure that customers get the right kind of performance and freedom from any technical issues.

Support – We are always equipped to provide comprehensive support to our users regarding every aspect of our products. Digital kiosk customers can easily avail support contracts and SLAs that ensure timely maintenance and support. We are available to listen to any queries and concerns related to the use of our products.

Consult with us to know more about our range of interactive kiosk products. We can recommend a suitable option based on your specific requirements.