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Getting Jiggy with It

Templates are an important quality assurance tool, and we’ve perfected their use here at Design to Production. Our engineering and manufacturing team have developed customised templates to ensure that each part of the manufacturing process is carried out according to the highest standards. These templates ensure that parts are assembled correctly the first time and other templates and jigs can be used to help test components and assemblies.

These templates guarantee proper assembly of components on the first time. Furthermore, other templates and jigs can be utilised for testing and examination of components and assemblies.

Using the template, our team can identify any errors or inconsistencies in the manufacturing process and rectify them quickly. This ensures that each product is made exactly to the specifications required, with no room for error. The template ensures that the same high-quality standards are maintained throughout production. We take a Six Sigma approach to identifying the most frequent issues in manufacturing and come up with innovative manufacturing aids, assembly jigs and testing jigs to continually improve our machine centre processes and also product-specific processes.

At Design to Production, we understand the importance of producing superior-quality products. That’s why we use templates to guarantee that your digital signage is made with accuracy and precision. With our templates, you can be sure that your digital signage will look and work perfectly!

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