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Gen 3 dpEMS – Keep Your Products Running Smoothly with our Maintenance and Service Contracts!

We are super excited to launch our latest version dpEMS with some new features such as LCD micro camera for proof of play and fault detection, faster processing along with LED mode detection with extra capacity for laser motion sensing for obstruction notification, by using new micro technology we have been able to design it smaller to fit in a more compact enclosure, at Design to Production we offer comprehensive maintenance and service contracts that cater to various timeframes, ranging from monthly to annual agreements. Our team of skilled technicians is spread across Australia, always prepared to respond promptly and equipped with the necessary knowledge and parts for urgent repairs. Additionally, our in-house dpEMS hardware is equipped with state-of-the-art algorithms that can identify issues and attempt to resolve them automatically. In case the problem persists, our monitoring software immediately notifies us, ensuring a swift resolution.

There are many other innovative features of the dpEMS hardware. This includes a direct ethernet connection to our EMS portal and a secure local API so data can be exchanged more easily. There is also power consumption logging to improve performance. There’s also enhanced and expandable fan control and monitoring and automatic self-fault detection so issues can be detected, logged and reported.

Opting for regular preventative maintenance not only makes perfect business sense but also leads to cost reduction, increased system uptime, and a prolonged product lifespan. It’s an investment that shouldn’t be overlooked!

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