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Design to Production’s 10 year partnership with oOh! Media

We’re proud to celebrate our 10 year long standing partnership with oOh! Media to bring cutting-edge Digital Solutions to life! With the exceptional expertise of Design to Production, we’ve gone on a journey to revolutionise digital navigational experiences and provide valuable local area information.

In the most recent instalment of this collaboration lies a sophisticated 55” double-sided outdoor touchscreen kiosk, seamlessly blending beautiful design with user-friendliness. With a touch-activated interface, the public can effortlessly access navigation tools and explore relevant information about the surrounding area. From finding the nearest attractions to locating amenities, our intuitive design ensures a seamless user experience, enhancing connectivity and engagement within the community.

Our team at Design to Production embraced the unique identity of the Parramatta Council, infusing elements of local branding into the Digital Wayfinding Solution.  By incorporating distinctive graphics and logos, we’ve not only delivered a functional tool but also fostered a sense of belonging and pride among residents and visitors alike. Together with oOh! Media, we’ve set a new standard for digital engagement within urban environments, showcasing the transformative potential of innovation in enhancing public spaces.

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