Covid Messaging

Our Blade 2.0 is Design to Production’s vision for Digital Out of Home advertising and has been at the forefront of Covid messaging in shopping centre’s across Australia.

The ultra slim 55-inch Blade 2.0 can be configured as a single or double sided unit and can be customised with different coloured inlay panels to suit the surroundings. Although the Blade 2.0 has been an effective communication tool in shopping centres, it can be used in a wide range of contexts included retail showrooms, tradeshows, as digital kiosks in retail applications and in lobbies of universities, buildings, hotels and clubs.

As well as video/image based advertising, the Blade 2.0 also has a 10W speaker to help amplify your message.

We are proud to play our part in keeping people safe from the Covid pandemic by supporting our partners Shopper Media who are encouraging vaccination on their campaigns through our digital signage solutions. As well design and manufacturing, our professional team have the ability to rollout our digital signs Australia-wide.

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