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Bright Displays for Enhanced Outdoor Advertising

An excellent product for outdoor use is available from Design to Production. This display unit is constructed with ultrahigh brightness panels with high tni technology ranging from 2500-5000nit brightness, which makes them more then ten times brighter than an average TV. This makes it possible to read the screen even when it is very bright outside and if the sunlight is shining directly on the lcd panel.

The IP65-rated enclosure from Design to Production, makes it easy to stand up to the elements. Its inner circuit boards have a protective covering to improve its weatherproofing further, and its AV connections are also watertight.

Updating the screen of this display unit is a breeze and can be done remotely using a safe cloud-based content management system. You can easily add files, organise them into playlists, customise existing templates, and set up future scheduling.

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