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Advanced Diagnostics

Ensuring the seamless operation of integrated screens is paramount in today’s digital landscape. At Design to Production, we understand the importance of advanced diagnostics in minimising servicing needs and maximising uptime for our clients. Our enclosures are meticulously engineered to integrate cutting-edge technology, including environmental sensors, cooling fans, and the innovative monitoring and control systems. This system goes beyond conventional monitoring by employing a sophisticated temperature control algorithm, capable of dynamically adjusting fan speeds and screen brightness to maintain optimal operating conditions, even in the harshest environments. With our hardware, you can rest assured that your products are protected from potential damage caused by overheating, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

But our commitment to reliability doesn’t stop there. Design to Production offers an extra layer of monitoring and failsafe measures, including the ability to detect and address issues proactively using our secure online portal which is backed by our National Operation Centre. From the portal, there’s the ability to automatically restart screens and media players to rebooting modems in case of internet connection failure, our system is designed to minimise downtime and keep your content flowing smoothly. Additionally, features like unauthorised access detection and proximity sensors provide added security and peace of mind, ensuring that your screens always remain operational and secure!

With Design to Production, advanced diagnostics isn’t just about identifying problems, it’s about preventing them altogether. Our dedicated 24/7 service desk team in our National Operations Centre (or NOC) works tirelessly to monitor all devices in the field, conducting scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

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